Pure Relief - Daily Dose Bundle

Pure Relief - Daily Dose Bundle

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Product Description And Info

The Daily Dose Bundle is designed to suit into your everyday routine. Whether you are a fan of our irresistible gummies, oils, or our topicals, you’ll find something for every part of the day! This bundle is perfect for people who are looking for an easy, effective way to integrate CBD into their everyday routine.


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This bundle includes: (1) 1000mg Full Strength CBD Oil (1) 500mg CBD Cream (1) CBD Gummy Bears

What medical conditions it can be used for ?

Full spectrum blends delivers a full range of cannabinoids with CBD, CBG, CBD-V and THC-V.
CBD suggested to help with chronic pain, sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis, antioxidant.
CBG suggested to help with IBS, acne, Alzheimers, colitis.
THC-V suggested to help with anxiety, diabetes, concentration, parkinsons.
CBD-V suggested to help nausea, epilepsy, skin disorders, neuroprotect.

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