Every Day Optimal - Pure CBD Oil Capsules, 15mg CBD Oil Per Pill

Every Day Optimal - Pure CBD Oil Capsules, 15mg CBD Oil Per Pill

| 1 Reviews

| 1 Reviews


Who is "Every Day Optimal"?

From their website: In 2016 Every Day Optimal CBD founders Alex Gould and Frederik Drejfald set out to Colorado to find forward thinking farmers who would be interested in growing high CBD, low- THC marijuana. They knew early on that CBD was the future and were seeking out individuals who shared their same passions. Every Day Optimal has a full array of cannabidiol products for customers to choose from and they are well known in the industry for their high quality cannabidiol.

Product Description And Info

These 15mg CBD capsules are an excellent choice for those looking for higher doses of CBD oil at an affordable “intro” level price. Every bottle contains 30 capsules that are each packed with 15mg CBD (cannabidiol) known for its beneficial effects on pain, chronic pain, anxiety and more












450mg/ 30 capsules

Lab Report

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Recommended dosage

1 Capsule


Pure Cannabidiol Vegetable Gelatin Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose, Water)

What medical conditions it can be used for ?

Full spectrum blends delivers a full range of cannabinoids with CBD, CBG, CBD-V and THC-V.
CBD suggested to help with chronic pain, sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis, antioxidant.
CBG suggested to help with IBS, acne, Alzheimers, colitis.
THC-V suggested to help with anxiety, diabetes, concentration, parkinsons.
CBD-V suggested to help nausea, epilepsy, skin disorders, neuroprotect.

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Reviews (1)

Mike, 51
a year ago
I started taking it at night, i could not fall asleep for quite some time... taking it 40 min before i plan to crash and it makes the stress go away.